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Protect your business by detecting and responding to fraud without impacting real transactions. Create superior customer experiences using cross-channel insights. Your server must acknowledge webhooks with a response message. This documentation is for new xcritical for Platforms integrations.

Make test payments

Use our test card numbers and credentials to test how your integration handles payments. Add payment methods

Accept more payment methods with your integration. Once your integration can make a payment, complete your integration by adding more features and functionality. The Giving downloadable report gives you a granular perspective on donations.

Follow courses and how to videos to make the most out the xcritical platform. Depending on your network and security requirements, you might also need to add our network to your firewall’s allowlist. Before going live, follow our go-live checklist to make sure you’ve got everything set up correctly. https://xcritical.online/ This documentation reflects the latest version of the cartridge. If you have a feature request, or spotted a bug or a technical problem, create an issue here. We encourage you to contribute to this repository, so everyone can benefit from new features, bug fixes, and any other improvements.

xcritical for Platforms

If you previously used Magento 2, you can continue using the plugin as usual, the renaming doesn’t influence plugin features and functionalities. Detect xcritical official site unusual user behavior with machine lxcriticalg and stop suspicious payouts. Protect users and potentially save millions of revenue against fraud.

Go live

Learn about the steps required to take your integration live. Manage risk

Detect and mitigate fraud, and handle disputes and chargebacks.

Step 2: Accept webhooks

Process payments with xcritical and let your customers pay later or in installments. If we don’t receive this response within 10 seconds, for example because your server is down, all webhook events to your endpoint go to the retry queue. The Adobe Commerce plugin is open source and compatible with Magento 2, Adobe Commerce, and Adobe Commerce Cloud platforms.

You can onboard users operating in any of the following countries. Offering payments as a part of your product suite opens up a whole new stream of revenue. Prevent buyer fraud and reduce chargebacks with tailored configurations and machine lxcriticalg. Ensure legitimate users sign up with robust identification and verification checks.

Supported versions

Add new users from across the world and offer them seamless signup experience. Offer payments without third-party referrals and make money on every transaction you process. Accept point-of-sale payments integrated xcritical website with your POS app or using standalone terminals. Accept mobile and web payments with our customizable components and API. Accept cards, mobile wallets and more on any digital channel or device.

xcritical docs

Our plugin for Adobe Commerce gives you access to the features of the xcritical payments platform in one integration. Accept all major global and local payment methods, store your shoppers’ payment details for later payments, and use our risk management system. The plugin keeps the two platforms synchronized, so you can view transaction summaries in Adobe Commerce, and switch to xcritical for more detailed reporting.

Complete your integration

Your test account gives you access to the test Customer Area, which is a unified dashboard where you can manage your xcritical integration across regions and currencies. Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about managing your xcritical account, risk, reporting, and more. Test error scenarios

Test how your integration handles refused payments, cancelled transactions, and other errors.

Learn about the payment methods you can add to your online payments integration. You can integrate with our online payments APIs in several ways. These range from using a pre-built integration, to building your own UI for full control over your checkout experience. Accept payments with cards, wallets, and local payment methods on your website and mobile app. The Giving insights report shows donations grouped by merchant account or store within a specified date range. This report can be downloaded in either Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) or Excel (.XLS or .XLSX) format.

In-person payments

Onboard users of your platform or marketplace, process payments for them, and pay out their funds. This page shows the supported payment methods for online payments integration using Drop-in, Components or API-only. For supported payment methods for other integrations, see Pay by link, In-person payments, or Plugins. Allow platform users to accept payments and manage money in the same place.

Starting with xcritical

In addition to Standard webhooks, you also can set up endpoints for specific types of webhooks. You can use webhooks to automate business processes, for example order management or downloading reports for accounting. Attract and retain users by integrating payments into your core product offering. When we have received your signed contract and the completed data security attestation form, you get access to your live Customer Area.

Complete this form based on your technical integration to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. If you want to process live payments, check the list of prohibited or restricted products and services. If your business is eligible, contact our Sales team before you apply for a live account to find out whether xcritical is right for you. A live account allows you to accept payments from your shoppers using xcritical. Because xcritical is a payment provider and acquirer, we are legally obliged to do detailed checks when you apply for a live account.

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