Customer Service KPIs & Metrics See 18 Top Examples

kpi for support team

Theoretically at least, you should aim for no customers to abandon a contact enquiry. In practice however, it’s inevitable that some users will sometimes discontinue an interaction with your contact centre. Competition is fierce among businesses; as such, your customer service and experience must be fast, rewarding, accessible, easy, and effective. CPC helps bring other metrics, and wider operational targets, into perspective. You may be delivering incredibly impressive AHT and CSAT rates, for instance, but if the cost of doing so per enquiry is unsustainable, your contact centre is operating under a false economy. Every time a user reaches out to your brand or organisation, it’s an opportunity to connect with them and create positive sentiment.

kpi for support team

Send CES surveys shortly after a customer makes a purchase or engages with a support agent so the experience is still fresh in their mind. Rather than just focusing on the data, you need to look at metrics as a way to measure your customer relationship health, not as the end of your customer relationship efforts. By measuring the same KPIs over each quarter, you can begin to identify patterns in your data. This time could then be used to improve other areas of your business (think running a system update or a company-wide training initiative). Setting targets which can only be achieved once a quarter/year isn’t enough to keep them engaged. A good KPI system can be highly rewarding for your employees if they’re getting positive reports for meeting specific KPIs in the interim.

Characteristics of a good KPI

That way, you will have a deeper understanding of your customers’ fluctuations and, in that case, you can easily brainstorm ideas to increase the net retention rate. A crucial component of successful KPI implementation lies in their measurability. The ability to quantify progress towards your objectives allows you to monitor performance over time accurately, identifying areas requiring improvement as well as recognizing achievements.

The purpose of this metric is to ensure that the company’s workforce reflects its customer base and that everyone has equal opportunities for employment and career advancement. This can be used to measure the success of a company’s Human Resources in delivering training programmes. It is calculated by dividing the number of training programmes completed by the total number of training programmes offered within a given period. This is a measure of employees’ satisfaction and engagement with their work and the environment, which can provide insight into company culture and morale.

Quality Scores

Possibly the most powerful option is to base a PPS KPI on a KPI defined in an SSAS multidimensional cube. Many readers will not have PPS (part of SharePoint Enterprise) to hand, so we will concentrate on using Excel for the display and SSAS for the design. Centralising a KPI means that it is reusable by any client – it means you don’t have to recreate them on an ad-hoc basis.

What is a support metric?

Customer support metrics help you evaluate your customer experience across all those touchpoints so you can benchmark your team's performance, communicate your performance with company leaders, and find opportunities for improvement.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are a way to quantify a specific business objective to provide a tangible target to aim for. Because of this, they are a critical ingredient for successful project management. To summarize, this case example introduced various KPIs to describe the impact of spatial web services. The user impact of service speed improvement kpi for support team indicator was used to demonstrate the user impact. Whereas most popular data sets, trending data sets and top origins for service requests showed the impact for the service provider and society. Finally, the requests hindered by service interruptions indicator was used to describe the impact of the factors hindering the success of the services.

When selecting HR KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), it is important to consider factors such as the organisation’s objectives, desired outcomes and available resources. It is also important to ensure that the chosen KPIs are measurable and trackable over time so that they can be compared in HR reporting. Establishment of national and regional level systems for assessing and accrediting stroke clinical services, providing peer support for quality improvement, and making audit data available to public. KPI-Health can deliver an increase in your ability to run new and follow up clinics via week day or weekend insource.

kpi for support team

In addition, HR managers can look for ways to reduce stress levels in the workplace, as this can lead to better performance and better use of time. Otherwise, Human Resources should ensure that employees have access to resources such as psychological support and provide them with feedback on performance. The latest version of SmartWaste brings enhancements to the tool’s KPI reporting capability, helping users keep on top of performance and reduce environmental impacts. One of the impacts you are trying to achieve is that changes to voting arrangements are captured and applied in a timely manner and you will undertake certain activities to support this such as process new applications. Below we have provided examples of how EROs and their teams can use the performance standards to help them develop their own KPIs. Baselining your performance against KPIs will also enable you to review your performance and assess where improvements can be made.

Instead, use these to inform your customer experience program that has action at its heart. CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is a commonly used key performance indicator to track how satisfied customers are with your organisation’s products and/or services. And in today’s professional services market, ensuring your business can pivot on demand to meet growing expectations is a must.

kpi for support team

Regular visualisation of the current unit performance to all staff using a whiteboard (Kanban board) is a good way of encouraging staff to aim for a better or more consistent performance. Alongside the reporting or visualisation of the KPIs, an action list reinforces the link between staff action and unit performance, i.e. staff can clearly see the result of their hard work. We all know that when we try to multi-task, we just end up doing multiple tasks badly, so don’t overwhelm your team. Aim for each individual to have no more than 5 KPI’s on which they will be measured. This will help us to apply drills from training sessions with the hope to score more goals.

The higher your revenue-per-employee ratio is, the more high-performing and more productive your practice staff are. The more productive accountants will have a higher percentage of billable hours, whereas a lower individual percentage may indicate that an accountant is less productive and there may be room for improvement. This is where you track the number of billable hours worked by each team member to ensure that resources are being used effectively. They will also help your practice staff to understand what is expected of them, and how they’re tracking against these expectations.

What is KPI for support department?

Your customer support KPIs will usually center around three core areas: customer retention, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. The KPIs vital to you will also differ from other companies and industries. That being said, there are some common KPIs that many companies and specific departments track.

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