Incorporating these attractive elements with your ceremony can make the day feel even more specialized for you and your guests. And, Lihat notes, it is very an easy way to honor your heritage too otherwise you spouse-to-be’s.

In a Latina wedding, a couple’s first step within their new lives together commences with a “sigura, ” or kiss. During this habit, the groom and star of the wedding walk hand-in-hand to their soon-to-be home and exchange a kiss and leyenda to signify they are wedded and can stay together forever. The se?al, a bundle of 13 gold coins, and the encerrona, which is either a cable in the form of an six or a rosary, are also section of the ceremonial procession.

These symbols, in addition to a vow of chastity from the bride’s father and mother, are all signs of a officially sanctioned marital relationship in which the couple consent to share their particular lives as one family device. Another important symbol of this union may be the el trampa cord, the industry white ribbon—or sometimes a rosary—that is definitely wrapped throughout the newlyweds after they exchange the wedding jewelry.

In addition , while some cultures don’t have a bridal party of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the padrinos—or god-parents—are an integral part of a Latin marriage ceremony. These are those that mentor the se?al and cepo, and usually undertake a special position during the wedding ceremony, such as escorting the new bride down the interchange or providing her apart. Padrinos can be often the kinds that business lead the hora loca, or crazy hour—a celebration inside the main special event where money is pinned on the bride and groom to dance with them during four to five songs.

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